We source great products

Park Lane Champagne is a specialist importer of personalised champagne. This is high quality champagne from independent producers in France, and we supply this to customers under their own brands.

We source excellent quality champagne (and other liqueur products) from great producers with whom we have established and reliable relationships. There is much information about our producers in the Our Key Producers page.

Focusing on champagne, we ship the champagnes we sell direct from the producers' cellars to our premises in the UK. The producers carefully package this with appropriate labels containing all the necessary mentions required by EU law. There is always a full tasting description about each product you can buy, together with background information about bottle age, grape varieties, production methods, etc. on the relevant page.

We regularly visit our producers and keep abreast of all their developments, as well as ensuring that their quality is consistent and great. Close relations are important so that we remain an important customer to each producer, and they are comfortable with how and to who we sell their products.


We import directly and manage our own UK stock

By maintaining close relations with all producers, Park Lane Champagne regularly imports products from the different suppliers.  Aside from stock which comes in from overseas - primarily France, Italy, Spain and Hungary - Park Lane Champagne is also an authorised and approved buyer of "brand" champagnes from Laurent Perrier UK, Bollinger UK (Bollinger and Ayala champagnes), Lanson UK (Lanson, Tsarine, Chanoine, and Rothschild champagnes) and Moet Hennessy UK (Krug, Dom Perignon, Moet et Chandon, Veuve Clicquot, Ruinart and Mercier champagnes).

This is very important to you as a buyer because you know that:

All products we sell are stocked by us and available for next day delivery in the UK.  All our products are official stock destined for the UK market by the originating producer, as opposed to bought on the grey or reseller markets. You consistently get the best products and in the best condition

Our storage facilities operate on a dedicated stock rotation basis with careful control and these are managed daily. Reordering of both overseas and UK stock is managed according to anticipated demand forecast over the various years of our trading.