What are the different Champagne Bottle Sizes

Different champagne bottle sizes (9)

There are 9 different sizes of Champagne bottles

1. Split/Minis/Ponies*

Bottle equivalent: 1/4 bottle

Volume: 187ml


2. Fillette/Halves/Demis*

Bottle equivalent: 1/2 bottle
Volume: 375ml


3. Bottle

Bottle equivalent: 1 bottle
Volume: 750ml


4. Magnum

Bottle equivalent: 2 bottlesVolume: 1500ml

5. Jeroboam

Bottle equivalent: 4 bottles
Volume: 3000ml


6. Methuselah

Bottle equivalent: 8 bottles
Volume: 3000ml


7. Shalmanazar

Bottle equivalent: 8 bottles
Volume: 3000ml


8. Balthazar

Bottle equivalent: 16 bottles
Volume: 12,000ml

9. Nebuchadnezzar

Bottle equivalent: 20 bottles
Volume: 15,000ml

*Small champagne bottles, (splits and fillettes) and extra large bottles, are difficult to turn during remuage and are usually transferred to their different bottle sizes after disgorgement