5 interesting facts about Prosecco

There’s nothing like a crisp glass of Prosecco, but how much do you know about this fruity sparkling wine that can transport you to the hills of Northern Italy? We’ve always enjoyed this tipple and over the years have learned more and more about this. We’ve compiled some interesting facts for you.


1. Prosecco has fewer calories than wine

One glass of Prosecco has around 80-90 calories compared to red wine which has around 120-125 calories. So maybe the go to drink if you are on a diet!

2. Prosecco originated from Italy

Prosecco is from Italy, specifically the Veneto and Friuli regions. In Italy, Prosecco refers solely to wines made within three specific designated appellations produced with at least 85% Glera.

3. There is no such thing as an aged Prosecco

Prosecco is bottled quickly and it is should really be enjoyed as young as possible.

4. The original Bellini recipe used prosecco 

The Bellini was first poured 1948 at the famed Harry’s Bar in Venice, where a clever barman came up with a drink. A fresh white peaches pushed through a sieve, the puree topped with crisp, bright Prosecco. Beautiful!

5. Prosecco is made differently from sparkling wines

One of the biggest differences between Prosecco and other sparkling wines is how it’s made. Prosecco uses the “tank method” which enlists the use of some very high-tech fermentation tanks. The tanks were first developed during the industrial era in the late 1800s and are capable of producing wines with up to 4 atmospheres of pressure.


If you’d like to learn more about the wines, Champagnes or Prosecco’s that we supply. Then please just ask, we love talking about our produce!

Alastair Harrison

Founder of Park Lane Champagne
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