5 interesting facts about Champagne

Sprayed over sporting victories, sipped at weddings, and smashed at boat launches, champagne is must definitely a drink for celebration but how much do you love about this beautiful drink.  Here at Park Lane Champagne we thought we'd give you some interesting facts about champagne you may not know:

  1. It is still debated who invented Champagne

Although the French claim it was Benedictine monk Dom Perignon who discovered Champagne, many historians disagree. They argue it dates further back than the 17th century.  And don't mention it to the French but it's even been linked to English man. A physician called Christopher Merret, who documented how to put the fizz into wine in 1662.

  1. Sea-creatures are the soil for Champagne grapes

The champagne region of France was once the floor of an ancient pre-historic sea. Now it’s the chalky remains of ancient sea-creatures that make the perfect foundation to grow grapes.

  1. Champagne bubbles can emerge at a rate of 400 per second for an average glass

When a bubble bursts, it ejects tiny droplets of concentrated champagne into the air, enhancing both the aroma and the flavour of the champagne.

  1. The loud champagne pop from a champagne bottle is from pressure

The loud pop every time Champagne bottles are opened is due to the 90 pounds per square inch pressure inside a single bottle. Which is about three times the pressure in a car tyre!

  1. Your Champagne will stay bubbly in a flute glass

Champagne - like all wines - does taste different depending on the glass you drink it out of.  The two main styles are round "coupe"  glasses - apparently modelled on Marie Antoinette's breasts - or the long, tall flutes that we are more familiar with.  Flutes preserve the bubbles by offering a smaller surface area for the bubbles to escape from - the bubbles being ejected in the glass by the pressure In the bottle rather than the gas Itself, because Carbon Dioxide Is heavier than air!

Alastair Harrison, Founder of Park Lane Champagne

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